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Sash Window Repair

Although most people don’t realise it, performing repairs on timber sash windows is possible, regardless of the age or condition of the frame. This is in stark contrast to the situation faced by people who use modern window materials, as they’re often incredibly difficult to restore. We do our best to bring your frames back to their former glory and maintain the original elements wherever possible.

There are many benefits to repairing sash windows, not least the original aesthetic we strive to achieve. As we only employ experts here at Global Home Transformations, we’re able to guarantee any work we carry out for no less than seven years - something rarely seen in the industry.



On the odd occasion when we encounter a sash window beyond repair, we simply create a new replica designed specifically to match the removed piece. We use the same traditional materials and methods as the original manufacturers would have done, so you can relax, safe in the knowledge your new window will fit the bill and look the part.

With years of combined experience, our professionals have the skills needed to work with these traditional materials and replace your sash windows causing minimal disruption to your family and neighbours. You have the choice between single and double glazed units, and we’ll even replace your sills if need be.

We try to carefully remove your windows from the frame, and then route out any weathered or decaying timber to expose the good stuff underneath. Sometimes this isn’t possible and a full replacement is needed, however; we try to keep as much original material as we can. We use our own unique epoxy resin called VR90 to fill any cavities encountered, and ensure they’re molded to match the existing profile of the timber.

Also we…

  • Replace sash cords

  • Service pulleys

  • Re-balance the windows

Energy Efficient UPVC Windows


Global Home Transformations have launched a unique collection called “Advance 70” that has been specifically designed to blend seamlessly into your home’s framework. This collection combines both exceptional performance with style and elegance, meaning products from the range are becoming extremely popular with those wishing to deal with thermal and sound insulation in the home. The designs are durable and also allow for increased security, which is why so many people are looking towards the “Advance 70” collection this year.

Team members from Global Home Transformations guarantee to install your new windows whilst causing little or no disruption to your family. Taking detailed measurements in advance means they can ensure your new windows fit perfectly before they arrive at your home, and with a strict cleaning up policy, the mess will be cleared away before you get back from work.

To provide customers and clients with the most choice possible, the range comes in traditional wood, Golden Oak or Rosewood finishes. On top of this, they offer excellent thermal insulation and weather tight seals, so you should never encounter drafts again. This obviously has many benefits relating to reduced energy bills and your impact on the environment.

Deciding to purchase high performance energy-saving windows is sure to save you lots of money in the long run, and as they comply with all standardised building regulations, you shouldn’t encounter any issues with your local authority. The government partnered British Federation Rating Council (BFRC) says that “over the life of a window, the cost of heat lost is greater than the purchase cost”, which is precisely why you need to check out the solutions available from Global Home Transformations today.

The Advance 70 system has been given an “A” rating from the BFRC.