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Roofcasting & Roughcasting Repairs in Glasgow and throughtout Scotland

With frequent exposure to the elements and changing weather conditions, exterior walls are particularly susceptible to a number of damages. When left unattended, any of these issues can cause more serious problems that can be expensive and difficult to fix. Thus, if your exterior walls are showing signs of disrepair, don’t wait until the problem becomes worse. Give them the protection they need to prevent more costly repairs down the road and at the same time enhance their appearance by roughcasting your walls.

Global Home Transformations provide top quality yet affordable roughcasting services for residential and commercial applications, including dry dashing, wet dashing, and insulated roughcasting. To fully understand what our roughcasting services are all about, below is a brief information on dry dashing and wet dashing.


  • Dry dashing, also called pebble dash or pebble dashing, is a type of finish applied on exterior walls where pebbles are embedded into mortar. The final aesthetic appearance of a dry dash project will depend on the chosen mortar and aggregate. When properly applied, dry dash can significantly improve the appearance of exterior walls and give them a layer of protection against daily wear and tear.
  • Wet dashing, is another form of roughcasting that incorporates smaller aggregates into the mix. This is a popular alternative to dry dashing as it uses a coloured-slurry coat that not only adds to the visual appeal of the finish, but also lends external walls with a waterproof layer.

For all the roughcasting projects we tackle, we only use premium quality mortar and aggregates to ensure that exterior walls remain attractive, watertight, and properly protected against the elements. We also make sure that the application of the roughcast is carried out by our team of experts so that the repair colour and finish textures complement each other and ensure proper coverage.

Whether you would simply like to improve the appearance of your external walls or you would like to provide them an excellent layer of protection to better withstand the punishment that the environment and changing weather dole out, the roughcasting service from Global Home Transformations is a definitive solution that is well worth your money.


  • Protective sheets are placed around the work area to prevent mess, the windows are also protected with scratch proof film.
  • Scaffolding and safety equipment is set up if required.
  • The walls are inspected for any damage or loose roughcast/render. Any repairs will be carried out.
  • Beading will be applied to keep a straight finish and to prevent cracking.
  • The first coat of render will be applied, scratched coated and left to dry before the next stage.
  • We then apply the second coat of render and hit with roughcasting chips leaving an even finish.