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First impressions can have a huge
impact on how people view a house


First impressions can have a huge impact on how people view a house and its owners. When it is time to sell, first impressions can also influence the purchasing decision of potential home buyers. With this in mind, it is vital that your property is not marred by rotting fascia, dysfunctional soffits, or unattractive bargeboard as these things will not only send the wrong message to guests and home buyers, they can also cost you a lot of money for repairs in the long run.

If your home’s fascia, soffits and bargeboards are in disrepair, it’s about time to replace them with new ones. GHT’s line of UPVC roofline system makes for excellent replacements for existing fascia, soffits, and bargeboards made from softwood timber. Our line of UPVC roofline products are generally maintenance-free and are backed by 7-year warranty. We also made sure that our products blend utility with personality. Thus, they come in an outstanding range of profiles and colours, allowing you to pick units that suit the look of your home.



  • Scaffolding and safety equipment is set up complying with British health and safety laws.
  • The old gutters and brackets are removed. If the wooden facia and soffit are damaged then they will be removed if not they will be left for the new facia and soffit to go onto.
  • The new soffits are applied, they can also be vented in necessary.
  • Facia boards are fitted then we apply the gutter brackets and gutters.


Gutters are invaluable systems for any residential or commercial properties. When properly installed, maintained, and repaired they do a good job in funnelling water away from roofs.
Unfortunately, a huge number of roof problems occur due to failed gutters that are either blocked or are not operating efficiently. As a result, they cannot contain and direct water from the property, dripping continuously over windows, doors, sidings and foundation which can cause more expensive damages in the long run. In such case, new gutter installation or replacement is necessary to avoid these potentially costly problems.

Global Home Transformations can provide you with maintenance-free gutter system to replace your damaged gutters with. Our range of top quality gutters is available in a wide array of profiles and colours. You can choose from our line of standard, commercial, custom made, heritage and box gutters or take a pick from our selection of PVC, aluminium, cast iron, copper and lead gutter systems, all of which are backed by 7-year warranty.

Aside from supplying you with premium quality gutter system, you can also let us do the job of repairing, cleaning, maintaining or improving the appearance of your gutters. Whether you have a new or existing home, commercial site, or a heritage property, no gutter job is too small or too big for our team of professionals.