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Roof Coatings

Increase the value of your home.
Protect your roof from the elements.

Roof Coatings

Global Home Transformation provides an all-around professional roof coating service for residential or commercial roofs. The roof coatings we use for our projects serve integral roles in the maintenance of almost all roof types, ranging from visual improvement to weatherproofing.

Our top quality roof coatings not only help in maintaining the pristine appearance of roofs by keeping pollution at bay and removing moss and lichen growth and preventing them from reoccurring. They also do an excellent job in providing additional layer of weatherproofing to roof surfaces, protecting underlying substrates from the effects of frequent exposure to changing weather conditions. The good thing about our roof coatings is that you can enjoy all the benefits they offer at a fraction of the cost of a replacement roof.

Roof coatings first took off in Australia more than 40 years ago. As Global Home Transformations originated from the country where roof coatings have their roots, we firmly believe that we know roof coatings better than any other company in the UK. That is, we uphold the same stringent roof coatings standards used in Australia and we only use the best methods and materials when we carry out our roof coating services here in the UK. We also take it upon ourselves to train our fitters following those standards, thereby ensuring that every job we tackle is of excellent workmanship.

To give you an idea how we carry out our job, here is how we prepare roofs for our unique roof coating system:


  • Roof is thoroughly inspected to assess its condition. If leaks or other forms of damage are found, the necessary repairs are carried out.
  • The entire roof surface is pressure cleaned to remove debris that may affect the adhesion of roof coating.
  • Secondary repairs are carried out and replacements for damaged tiles may also be administered.
  • If necessary, removal of ridge caps is executed and they are replaced with a non-mortar dry ridge system.
  • To effectively remove and discourage moss, mildew, and lichen growth, a layer of Mould Rid is applied on the entire roof surface.
  • Depending on the type of roof, high build primer may be applied to ensure proper coating adhesion.
  • The actual roof coating is then applied to the roof. The procedure involves the use of a two-colour coat process to allow for proper coverage and provide the best protection for the roof.


We do not talk our clients into using our roof services by using high pressure sales tactics like “thermal roof coatings.” We believe that there is no such thing because if there is the government should not be wasting millions on insulation products. Likewise, we do not promise 10 or more years of warranty on our products. Taking into consideration the prevailing weather conditions in the UK, we firmly believe that a 7-year warranty is more realistic and this is something we can honour.

So if you want to get the best protection for your roof and at the same time receive a reliable and honest service, you can never go wrong with Global Home Transformations’ Roof Coatings Service.